How To Charge

Micro-Channel coils won’t be any more difficult for a contractor who has installed a copper alloy coil.

We recommend following the Quick Reference Data sheet (QRD) closely. Contractors who use the QRD, along with refrigeration best practices, are destined for success.

Here are the things contractors need to know when charging a Micro-Channel coil:

  1. Start each install by finding the proper airflow settings for the system. That information will be located in the QRD.
  2. Measure the static pressure of the duct system to determine proper airflow settings.
  3. Use a proper refrigeration scale. Using a calibrated scale to weigh in refrigerant results in a more accurate charge.
  4. Allow the pressures in the system to stabilize before adding more refrigerant.
  5. Follow charging instructions provided in documents like the QRD.
Micro-Channel Refrigerant

Micro-Channel Fact

It is important to make sure that charges are within ounces (not pounds) of the recommended charge. Because Micro-Channel coils use less refrigerant, ounces worth of charge can have a significant impact on system performance.

Requirements may change depending on whether you are installing a Micro-Channel to Micro-Channel system or a Micro-Channel to tube-in-fin system. ALWAYS refer back to the QRD that shipped with the unit or in our Technical Library.


How to Charge Video