The Future
of Coils

An unprecedented amount of regulatory changes has led to a host of challenges for the HVAC industry. Regulators want the industry to decrease greenhouse gasses and increase efficiency, but have left it to manufacturers to figure out a solution. Micro-Channel coils are that solution. These coils use less refrigerant, reducing the risk of greenhouse gasses leaking into the atmosphere. And, they transfer heat more efficiently across a smaller surface, allowing for smaller system footprints than their tube-in-fin counterparts. Micro-Channel systems are the smart choice for successful contractors.

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The Pay Off

Many Micro-Channel systems are easier to install due to their smaller footprint and lighter weight. And, less refrigerant means it is more eco-friendly and easier on a contractor’s wallet.

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Contact a trained professional for smooth installation

Having Your Back

Make installations easier with Micro-Channel coil training. Reduce callbacks, perform better installs and enjoy the returns.

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Charging micro-Channel coil

Careful Charging

Micro-Channel coils are not harder to install compared to other coils. The same attention to detail used when installing copper tube-in-fin must be exercised.

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