Micro-Channel coil technology has a rich history in car manufacturing, which faces many of the same challenges as the HVAC industry.

  • Challenges with the costs of production.
  • Challenges with the size of equipment.
  • Challenges with corrosion.

When faced with these issues, auto manufacturers decided to research coil alternatives that could reduce size, cost and instances of corrosion while maintaining high performance. Around this time they discovered the benefits of using an all-aluminum coil design. This became an industry standard.

Twenty years after auto makers introduced Micro-Channel coils to their manufacturing, the HVAC industry is using it to increase efficiency, decrease the amount of refrigerant used in systems and deal with issues of corrosion – making it an all-around better, more cost-effective coil for contractors.

Micro-Channel coils will continue to play a big role in the future of HVAC

Indoor Micro-Channel Coil

Indoor Micro-Channel Coil

Indoor Micro-Channel Coil.

Outdoor Micro-Channel Coil