How To Charge

Charging systems that include Mirco-Channel coils won’t be any more difficult for a contractor who has installed a copper alloy coil.

Here are the things contractors need to know:

  1. Start each install by finding the proper airflow settings for the system. That information is in the Quick Reference Data sheet (QRD).
  2. Measure the static pressure of the duct system to determine proper airflow settings.
  3. Use a proper refrigeration scale. Using a calibrated scale to weigh in refrigerant results in a more accurate charge.
  4. Allow the pressure in the system to stabilize before adding more refrigerant.
  5. Follow charging instructions provided in documents like the QRD.

We want to make the charging process, whether you’re working with a Mirco-Channel system or a mixed coil system, as simple as possible. That is why we provide tools that can help you along the way. This includes our QRD and online Charge Calculator. use these tools, along with refrigeration best practices, and you are destined for success.


Check out our brand-new Charge Calculator! This tool makes charging complete Micro-Channel systems and mixed coil system easier. It is also a great troubleshooting tool. The measurements you take during a service, installation or maintenance call are key to understanding whether the unit you’re working on is operating correctly. Faster, easier troubleshooting can save you time on the phone with tech support and help you avoid repeat service calls.